you need
  • - Roulette;
  • - roof project;
  • - Calculator;
  • - BRAAS program;
  • - professional services.
If you decide to calculate the amount of necessary material yourself, then decide to start with the selection of a particular roofing material and find its size.To calculate the area most roof you need to draft the roof (if any), tape measure, calculator, remember geometry course.Usually the counting area of ​​the roof itself is divided into geometric shapes (such as rectangles, triangles or trapezoid).Then count the area of ​​each element individually.
For example, if you are conditionally divided into triangles roof, the calculation about this.Remember the Pythagorean theorem.In advance make a measurement of all necessary parameters using a tape measure.Draw a rough diagram.Let us assume that a party - it is the length of the slope of your roof in the projection.Party B - it is the height from the top of the slope of the roof to the lowest point.Party with - is the length of the roof (the real).Then calculate the ratio of the formula - c / a (this is your rate).Next, calculate the area of ​​ projection of the roof (you multiply the length by the width).Then multiply this figure by your ratio (c / a).Here's a rough area , because they will not take into account slopes and possible window.For the same formula you can approximately check the correctness of the calculation of the area of ​​the roof , if you ask for help from professionals.
There is a way to calculate the area of ​​the roof.To do this, you need access to the Internet.You can download a special program BRAAS.You can use it to calculate the area considering chimney, roof and skylights, rays and skates.You can select options in any suitable geometry roof .You can calculate the complete set for roof of tiles and accessories for her.
If you are unable to make a payment, contact the professional (company or private owner).In the case of applying to a company that is engaged in roofing roofs, you can use the range of services (payment, delivery and installation of the roof ).