you need
  • - circuit-design for the future of the boiler;
  • - iron;
  • - steel;
  • - refractory bricks;
  • - 200-liter drum;
  • - mix for fireplaces;
  • - welding machine;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - electrodes.
When creating boiler try wherever possible to use cast iron, it is much more reliable and durable than iron and steel.During the combustion of fuels releases carbon dioxide and water.Under the influence of water under high temperature and a small amount of oxygen accelerates oxidation of iron at times, it is enough to quickly burns.Cast iron also contains more carbon and less susceptible to corrosion.Therefore, all the furnace doors and door are made of cast iron.Cast iron can cook, like steel, using special electrodes.
When choosing the design of the boiler proceed from the fact that the increase in its efficiency by increasing the heat transfer surface for the selection of the maximum amount of heat at the same time leads to a cold chimney and, as a consequence, a number of problems.In particular, such difficult to ignite the boiler (to smoke), it has to be cleaned very often.
future housing boiler made of steel for this length of pipe can be used with a diameter of 500 mm and a length of about a meter.Inside the insert section of pipe of the same length, but with a diameter of 400 mm.Between the pipes will circulate the coolant.The boiler is installed vertically.At a height of 250 mm from the floor make the blower door: cut the two tubes and welded metal frame to ensure tightness, set the door.
At the bottom of the boiler is welded metallic bottom or use concrete (brick) platform.Just above the ash strengthen iron grate.If the boiler will burn wood instead of coal, iron grate can be done.The upper part of the boiler shut off the metal lid with a hole for a pipe diameter of 120-150 mm.The top and bottom of the outer jacket of the boiler is welded pipes for input and output of the coolant.
difficult to produce, but practical and reliable option from a single boiler pipes with a diameter of 500 mm, the inner surface of which is wound seamless steel pipe with a diameter of 30 mm.This boiler is a good start, does not smoke, has a high efficiency.Welds should not be directly in the area of ​​the highest temperatures, otherwise they will quickly crack, and the boiler will leak.
interesting and it is a practical design of the boiler of a conventional 200-liter drum, lined with refractory bricks inside, with built-in grate and "vmazat" in a circular masonry door of cast iron.For heating the coolant used coiled seamless steel pipe.On top of a square cast iron pot covered with a sheet, pipe flue output side.