you need
  • - foam (thickness 50 mm);
  • - adhesive;
  • - spatula;
  • - Drill;
  • - cap-mixer;
  • - fiberglass mesh;
  • - perforated corners.
One of the most effective and inexpensive ways of warming home is its foam lining .Select when buying sheets with a thickness of 50 millimeters.They will replace the quality of heat-insulating brick wall the width of two bricks.When installing such material indoor temperature will rise by five degrees.
If the walls of the house have defects, chips, first align them.To do this, spread the grout and zashpatlyuyte irregularities.Mix the cement and sand in a ratio of one to three.Trowel, apply the mixture on the surface and let dry.
Take special adhesive mixture and adding water, dilute it.To bring the solution to a homogeneous composition using low revolution mixer nozzle and mixer.Give him a brew and spread foam sheet.Spread the adhesive with a notched trowel over the entire surface.Apply glue to the wall.Promazhte also the sides that the joints did not have slits.Place the foam plate close to each other.
in the corners and in the middle of the drill hole puncher to bolt-fungi.A total of five sheet necessary fasteners.Hats drown dowels flush with the surface.This will reduce the reinforcing layer, and thus reduce the consumption of glue mixture.
After fixing the foam on the walls of the house , create a reinforcing layer.To do this, use a fiberglass mesh and glue.Apply adhesive to the surface of the mixture with a spatula and smooth mesh.In this case, it does not remain unfilled seats.It can be spread on the glass area and only then apply the adhesive.It will be faster.
After stickers grid at all angles, slopes of doors and windows and put perforated corners zashpatlyuyte again surface of the walls.Use a thick adhesive solution.He leaves no sagging.Grind the foam area of ​​the abrasive wheel of small diameter.
Prime the walls of a special priming paint.Subsequently, the surface of the paint or finished with decorative plaster.