Tip 1: How to cut the pipe at an angle

When installing pipes for water supply, sewerage, or for other purposes, it is often necessary to cut the pipe under angle .At the same time the slightest error in the construction of the cut-off will lead to a disruption of the line pipe welding and, as a consequence, to an incorrect installation.To do quality work, use the following resources.
you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - basin of water;
  • - chalk;
  • - masking tape;
  • - Cernau;
  • - a computer program for drawing up and scans the pipe;
  • - printer;
  • - scissors;
  • - Scotch;
  • - lathe;
  • - flame equipment;
  • - welding machine;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - cutter;
  • - Bulgarian.
If necessary, cut the pipe at 45, take a square sheet of paper, fold it diagonally and wrap it in a tube so that the ends of the diagonals meet.The short sides at the same time will point to the cut line in 45⁰, circle the line with chalk or scratched the core.
If the pipe is small, and you need to get a certain angle, take the bowl with water and dip tube to the de
sired slope.The slope of the pre-count.Border wet and dry metal show you the cut line, circle it with chalk or scratched with a sharp object.
To determine the cut-off line pipe, use a narrow masking tape.This method is especially useful when the pipe is long, and it must be cut in the middle.Apply adhesive tape to the desired angle, it can be easily moved and peeled off after cutting.To ensure that the adhesive tape lies flat, wrap the pipe 2 or 3 times.
determine the exact angle of the cut, try using pipes or compiling scans in the conventional program preparation of drawings, for example, Corel Draw.To do this, download the program and draw a pattern indicating the circumference (diameter multiplied by pi) and the desired angle.If you do not have this program, make a scan yourself using OST 38-43-81.
When the drawing is ready, print it on a printer (if necessary, several pages), cut, glue tape.Then attach to the pipe and draw with chalk or draw a center punch.
Designating cut line Saw it on the tube.If possible, use a lathe, it can be enough to get a smooth edge.To cut the pipe exactly by flame welding equipment or normal, you have to be very experienced welder.

Tip 2: How to cut the pipe

In the production of construction and repair work often need to cut pipes of different diameters.The technology works in this case may be different depending on where in the pipe is located and whether it can be disconnected from the systems for processing, as well as the tools that you have.
How to cut the pipe
you need
  • pipe cutting machine, hacksaw, chisel, hammer, piece of paper;Lathe
If possible, use a special pipe cutting machine.This is useful if the tube structurally assembled in a certain place, so cut it in other ways is impossible.Install the cutter machine, attach the handle and operate, making a reciprocating motion as long as the pipe is not obozhmetsya.
cast iron pipe cut off using a hacksaw or metal chisels.By making accurate measurements, mark the place of the future cutting, then put the pipe under wooden bar.As to make a mark nadpilite pipe .It is better to make cuts sections of 20 mm.Now hammer and chisel repel pipe , until the pieces are not separated.
If you want to cut the pipe exactly perpendicular relative to its axis, take an ordinary sheet of paper with a smooth edge.Wrap the paper pipe so that the edges of the sheet precisely aligned with each other.When the intended line exactly perpendicular to the tube axis, can be easily cut to the edge of the sheet.
next way to cutting pipes - on a lathe.This raises difficulties since the cutter cuts the product never simultaneously around the entire circumference.This can lead to jamming and damage.To avoid such trouble, take a smaller diameter piece of pipe than circumcision.Then put it on a scrap of rubber hose.Shoved a piece of rubberized into the workpiece to the desired depth.Now you can safely cut pipe cutter, it does not crumple and do not jam the instrument.This edge obtained clean and free of burrs.
  • How exactly cut the pipe
Helpful Hint
For cutting a large number of pipe cutter or take buy grinders.As a last resort, try to saw the pipe manually ordinary hacksaw.