you need
  • - board width 190 mm, 15 mm thick,
  • - Roulette,
  • - gon,
  • - Saw,
  • - chisel,
  • - the metal thickness of 3 - 4 mm,
  • - oil paint.
Take planed plank width of 140 mm - is the height of a standard cinder block .The board must be carefully treated to the surface was smooth.Length of the board's your choice, it must be a multiple of 140 mm, - the width of the block, the shape may include three, four or more blocks.Do not make more than 2 meters in length - to work with the long form of uncomfortable.
From one board cut with a saw the cross, their length should be 300 mm.Connect the extreme longitudinal cross with planks so as to obtain a rectangular frame.Be sure to observe angles, exposing the
board before they are assembled on a perfectly flat surface with the help of the polygon.
cutting sheet metal thickness of 3-4 mm plate size of 140 to 300 mm.In addition to metal and other suitable durable sheet material, such as PCB.The main thing is that it has a smooth surface was hard and resistant to moisture.
Take the frame and the inner side of the longitudinal cut on boards with a hacksaw and chisel to get the cross grooves with depth of 7-8 mm.Cutting width is determined by dividing the thickness of the plates.
Insert the longitudinal grooves board separator plates.You now have a framework in which the cells are form for cinder block size 140h140h300 mm.All wooden and metal parts form cover with oil paint - this will ensure easy removal of the finished blocks from the mold.Set form on a perfectly flat surface.