you need
  • - slaked lime, bucket, brush, water;
  • - floor board standard;
  • - handsaw, plane, hammer;
  • - construction nails 40 - 50 mm.
on prepared girder crate apply a thick layer of lime wash.To do this, use a brush and a solution of lime.This is to protect wood against insects.
Measure the distance between the beams of floor design.If the distance between them does not exceed 80-100 cm, use a batten 15 cm thick.
Measure the length of laying of the first board .Measure on the floorboard and the distance using a hacksaw, cut the excess length.Be sure to try on the first board, and check whether it is appropriate in all areas of the floor, moving and controlling the possible gap at the wall.The gap should not exceed 1.0-1
.5 cm.
you have made a template now prepare for him a few boards and pick the other side of the layer of lime, which is the bottom of the cover.
After the preparatory stage proceed to the direct mounting boards.Laying the first board should occur across the beam crates, and so to end with a convex groove was deployed to you.
After laying the first board through the convex face ("folder") to the support beam nail it with a nail.If you do, except for the extreme support beams, there are two or more intermediate, then mount batten along the edges is not required.Note that the cap of the nail should be completely hidden behind the groove of the second board .The next board must first be inserted into the groove and to tap the entire length end to minimize the gap between them.
Continue to strengthen sexual board by analogy with the first, until you close the entire floor.
If the last board does not fit in width, make measurements required width, and, using a hacksaw and a plane, remove any excess product.
Spend mounting plinth and handle coating paints, varnishes or lay linoleum.