Calculating the volume of the foundation for ordering concrete is carried out using a simple formula, known even from school geometry course for the box:
Volume = Width * Height * Length
Volume = Area * Height,
If the width of the foundation at the topIt is different from the width of the base, use the following formula for the trapezoid:
Volume = (width1 width2 +) / 2 * height * Dimensions Length
to calculate the cubic capacity of the foundation necessary to take the actual mounted
on formwork.Also take into account the presence of ribs if they are described in the project, and other elements that might affect the change in volume of poured concrete.

Calculation of strip foundation

There are several things that are important to take into account in the calculations.Strip foundation does not always have a rectangular shape, may be present different projections or recesses except for the perimeter of the main branches are often the foundation for interior walls and bridges.Some of the foundation may be different in width for further amplification.It should be divided into groups with the foundation of the same width between the inner walls of the formwork.The volume is calculated as the sum of the volumes of each of the groups.

to determine the length of the foundation is not used internal or external size and the length of the perimeter of the basement in the midline between the walls of the formwork.This will avoid unnecessary payments volume in the presence of the ribbon turn the foundation.The same applies to the foundation under the inner walls.

calculation slab foundation

This type of foundation is formed into a solid concrete slab under the entire building.The calculation in this case is very simple and is carried out according to the formula:
Volume = Area * height basement foundation
separately calculated cubic capacity of ribs, if they are needed, and added to the main volume. If the design of the foundation provided by the formation of technological voids or holes, their total amount is deducted from the total.

calculation of cubic capacity of piles

calculated volume of one pile by the formula:
Volume = Area of ​​base * Height To order, it is best obtained cubic capacity increased by 15% in case there will be delays in filling or manifestflaws in the formwork.
In the case of a wider base is calculated separately for the amount of the base and the top, and after they are added together.Calculate the result for a single pile multiplied by the number of piles in the foundation.