you need
  • artificial stone;
  • paint brush;
  • glue;
  • spatula;
  • plastic bag.
Before installing the artificial stone, the stone lay on a horizontal surface.You should get at least five boxes.Alternate minor and major elements and stones of different colors.This will allow you to accelerate the work and get the most natural pattern.
stone should be laid on a hard, flat and clean surface.Moisten the surface and working toward the stone.This can be done with a paint brush.If the reverse side of the fabric has a white coating, clean off it with a wire brush.
First of all, start to spread the corner pieces, only then fine.Lay the stone in a direction from the outer corners and openings in the side walls.Alternate long and short side when stacking corner pieces.
Lay the stone from the top down, it will avoid getting glue on the finished masonry.
Use glue that is used for laying natural and artificial stone.Prepare a solution by following the instructions.Apply a solution of glue with a spatula to smooth the prefab wall.The layer thickness should be approximately 0.5 cm. This layer is put on the back side of the stone.It must be covered by the whole side of the stone.Press the material into the adhesive mass.
If you stacked stone without pointing, adjust tiles as close as possible to each other.The gaps can be both horizontal and vertical.
With jointing - try to take into account the recommended width of the joint between the slabs.Avoid long vertical seams.
Once the stone is laid, spend grouting.Make a solution.Prepare a strong plastic bag, roll up his sack.Fill it with a solution, gently squeeze the solution.Thus, the joints are filled.
When the train a little withered, pointing trowel to smooth out the seams and need to remove excess solution.