you need
  • - cement;
  • - sand;
  • - gravel or crushed stone;
  • - water;
  • - concrete mixer or a shovel.
Prepare the ingredients for concrete sand (better to take a career, without any admixture of clay), cement, gravel or crushed stone (preferably granite), water.It is important to determine the proportions of all the components.Carefully follow all recommendations of the manufacturer, as too small or large amounts of water lead to the formation of voids in the concrete, and the lack of cement will cause early failure.
If you have a concrete mixer, use it to prepare a concrete solution.To do this, turn the empty mixer, thus it should be positioned at an angle of 45ยบ.Pour water, half of the cement, for example, half a bucket.Following send four bucke
ts of gravel and within minutes, rinse off the dust.Then, pour a bucket of cement;after a while formed laitance, enveloping gravel.
Gradually add sugar (two buckets), making sure to agitate the gravel crushes it under him, and it is evenly distributed throughout the volume of the mixture.Let the mixer stir the mixture for 2-3 minutes, and the greater the inclination to the horizon, the better will the mixture.
Pour the concrete into a wheelbarrow, or directly on the container formwork.Fill half a bucket of water into the mixer and thoroughly wash it.This water can be sent to the next batch.
mixers If you do not, try to make concrete by hand.To do this, prepare a place for mixing - it can be a sheet of iron, plywood, linoleum, or, in extreme cases, even a piece of land.It is very convenient to mix small amounts of concrete on the table-drawer, to not have to constantly bend over, and the mixture was at hand.
Take appropriate board and give it the form of paddles with blades up to 10 cm wider shovel interfere with the concrete will be much harder.However, if you decide to use a shovel, take shovels with a sharp end.
Pour cooked sand hill, make it to deepen and add the cement.Then, mix well and then shape hill with a recess.Pour a little water so that it does not spread.Gradually, starting from the inside, mix all ingredients, make sure that the solution does not become too runny.At the end, add the crushed stone or gravel, and bring the mixture to a fully homogeneous.