before placing laminate permanently or temporary storage, inspection panel.Immediately Collect those who, for whatever reason, were damaged or defective original.It makes no sense to keep the panel, which then will still be discarded when installing floors.
just before laying laminate and let him lie down for at least two days, or even longer.Keep in a room where the panel will be stored, the air temperature is not below 18 degrees and humidity at 50-60%, but in any case not higher than 75%.If laminate acquired in the package, leave it untouched until required, it will keep working qualities of the material.
Select storage laminate a place that excludes the penetration of water under the coating film.Make sure the storage location of the panel may be subject to random mechanical impact from the fall of large items.Packages with the panels do not put any other products and do not place other building materials.Pay special attention to the safety interlocks, protecting them from possible deformation.
Provide the required microclimate in the room laminate and long-term storage.The room should be dry, well warmed up enough and do not have a draft.Keep laminate should be in a horizontal position.If space allows room, place the panel at its center, the distance to the wall is greater than 1 m.
Soak stable climate environment in the room, where it is supposed laying laminate and, within a few days.The air temperature must be above 18 degrees and the humidity should not exceed 70%.It is best if the storage conditions of the panels to the installation and the conditions in the room where the laminate must exploit, will be the same.