you need
  • - professional tools;
  • - purpose grease;
  • - the heating element;
  • - sulfuric acid;
  • - rags.
Before unscrewing rusted bolt, first check the used tools.Bits, movable or ring spanners should be made of high-quality metal with a suitable coating.Unfortunately, too often cheap products break down, causing even greater problems or even damage the problematic parts.
To get started, try unscrewing rusted bolt on the system "back and forth".Tightly secure the key on the bolt, then rapidly rotate it as far as possible against the axis of rotation, easy return to the starting position and then try to jerk a little to unscrew it.Manipulations should continue as long a
s the bolt is literally not penetrate rusted piece of thread.
If the previous method did not, you should use a special penetrating lubricant, for example, is very popular WD-40.In its absence can also help turpentine, kerosene, gasoline, or oleic acid.Wrap a rag rusty bolt and densely fill the resulting design of the selected liquid.Leave the cloth for a few hours, periodically tapping screw hammer for better liquid penetration into the structure of rust.After that, the bolt can be unscrewed, if necessary, using a system of "back and forth".
If after marinating in a special blend of the bolt does not want to get out, comes to the aid of knowledge of physics school courses.Use a soldering iron, industrial dryer, a gas burner or if the detail sizes with rusty bolt allow ordinary gas stove to heat the bolt to the highest possible temperature.After that, let the metal cool slightly and unscrew the bolt.Quenching can lead to rupture of the metal bolt or the part itself, but this method is also applicable.
If the "physical" way were unsuccessful, the aid can only come chemistry.In this case, around the projecting portion rusted bolt naleplyaetsya rim of fused plastic, wax or clay.The ring formed by the zinc is poured a little sawdust and poured sulfuric acid.Thus, the bolt becomes a party to the galvanizing process (this is also the school curriculum).As a result of this process the bolt itself is not exposed to acid exposure due to the zinc active, but the rust is completely dissolved.Moreover, after performing such an experiment during the day the metal bolt to be restored because the zinc.