you need
  • - Special equipment;
  • - steel sheet;
  • - screws;
  • - welded pipe;
  • - vulcanite Cut Saw;
  • - metal piles.
Calculate blade screw piles.This procedure is similar to the undertaking for the calculation of feathers screws.In other words, determine the screw pitch, diameter and length of the screw piles.
special equipment do the cutting of the steel sheet.After that make rolling and stretching the sheet.
If there are ready-made screws, then fix them by welding the metal piles.In this case, the stem screw piles can act welded pipes, which must comply with the requirements of GOST.Pryamoshovanyh for manufacturing pipes to be used steel of article 10, the blades must be made of steel article 3 (usually its thickness is five millimeters).
shape of the tip of the barrel of the pile, do this, that it in appearance resembled a smooth cone (if the form is different, it will complicate the process of installing the trunks and increase the likelihood of failures).
Cut on pipes using a saw cutting straight vulcanite size sector.Carefully smooth out the data sector.Then weld the tip prepared in advance to screw.
Prime with all welds - this will prevent corrosion of the metal, and thus extend the operational period of the product.
At the opposite end of the screw piles, drill a hole - in his installation screw piles will be inserted into the ground scrap.