flexible and strong enough ceiling moldings are executed on the basis of polymers and are used both in homes and in many public buildings.Modern ceiling moldings are easy to install.First, you must thoroughly align the walls and ceiling.It is not difficult.The most difficult part of working with polymer moldings is their cutting.
For this purpose, you need a special device, called miter box and designed specifically for cutting baseboards.Mitre looks like a box with slots, and each of the pairs thereof at the opposite side corresponds to its corner box.The corner of the plinth is usually cut a
t an angle of 45 °.Polyurethane foam, or a plinth is inserted into the slot miter box and cut a sharp knife blade angle or straight stretch.Suitable for cutting hacksaw with fine teeth or knife stationery.Before cutting ceiling moldings good press it to you could not torn edges.After the cutting process the edge of the plinth fine sandpaper.
By the way, the main error is incorrect calculation of lengths.Explains: cut off the desired length of the segment plinth, corner are new cuts, after which there is an uncomfortable situation with mismatched lengths.That is, the cut out section of skirting smaller in length than necessary.
To avoid this, remember: first, always cut the angle.And only then you can cut the required length.It seems to be a trifle, but if the material is purchased strictly as long as necessary, it may end prematurely.Then we'll go to the store to buy more and more.This is expressed not only and not so much the extra costs as lost time and spoiled the mood.So you can experience during repairs only positive emotions, to think of action for a few steps ahead, heed the advice of experts.Oh, then you are sure you will succeed.