Use foam concrete blocks in the construction of cottages and country houses is very convenient.Foam blocks with characteristics very similar to the tree - they are perfectly planed and drilled.In addition, they are more durable wood and is not afraid of fire.From the mason does not require high skills to build of foam concrete blocks an entire wall.
build a house out of foam blocks is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.The walls are made of this material, will look very well and are strong enough.
loop through the width and thickness of all the stones and chamfer with each of them (as
is sometimes received with bricks potters).Then slowly lay the wall in the solution using a plumb and level.
In the process of building the house with his own hands from aerated concrete blocks you need to consider several factors.The walls, which are laid out in a half block out thick enough to safely keep warm.But due to the porous structure of concrete blocks, and even absorb moisture.
concrete blocks to protect from moisture on concrete foundations need to put a couple of layers of roofing material, before starting clutch.If on the first floor lay roofing material and make the second floor loft-style, you get excellent protection sloping walls of foam concrete blocks from any rain.
Roofs can be made of corrugated or wave slate and the walls inside, you can upholster lining.On the outside of the walls with foam blocks should be chamfered and trowel grout.As a result, you get a nice and beautiful house of aerated concrete blocks.At the same time it will cost you a relatively inexpensive.