you need
  • - concrete;
  • - fittings;
  • - special glue;
  • - waterproofing.
Prepare a project for the construction of the garage of aerocrete.You can use ready-made layouts that are full of pages of Internet, or develop their own individual version involved in the process of good designers.
Bookmark foundation.For the garage of gazoblokov required slab.The thickness of the foundation must be at least 30 cm. Spend a reinforcement in two layers.Lower fitting relieves tension from the ground and th
e upper pressure weakens the top of the structure.First prepare a trench around the perimeter of the future of the garage at the bottom of the formwork set, spend reinforcement metal fittings and then fill with concrete.The foundation can be built from aerocrete.In this case, dig a trench depth of one meter, roll in a bed of sand.Then prepare a reinforced base and place it on a layer of foundation gazoblokov.
Build a wall.The main thing at this stage ensure that the masonry was perfectly flat, if necessary, trim with a rubber hammer.Work with Gazoblok activity difficult.It is easy to cut even a simple hand saw, is lightweight, so packing can make one person.Engaging member is a glue, only the first row is placed in the mortar.A layer of mortar and adhesive should be minimal, since the excessive thickness of the weld significantly increases heat loss.
Make garage gazoblokov of ventilation, the best option - supply and exhaust.Do not forget about insulation and waterproofing.It is recommended that a three-layer system that solves three problems: insulation, sound insulation and waterproofing.The first layer - foam or fiberglass, the second - polyethylene, which provides waterproofing, the third - finishing.The third layer may serve as a gypsum board, whose surface is then covered with a finishing and plastered pictures.
Make gable roof, as a coating using ondulin or metal roofing.Erection of garage gazoblokov can significantly save.This construction does not cause great difficulties and does not require much time.Garage will be warm, durable and will last for many years.