you need
  • construction tape, note paper, pencil, calculator
On average, the required number of wallpaper calculated by a simple formula: the perimeter of the room multiplied bythe height of the walls, to deduct from the resulting value of the area of ​​window and door openings, divide the result by the area of ​​the roll (length multiplied by width).Additionally, add 10% of the possible marriage and pasting.However, in practice, it is not so simple.
First of all, a lot depends on the color of wallpaper .If they are plain, without the express drawing, then cut the necess
ary pieces can be as comfortable, without fitting together.But if the wallpaper has a large enough conspicuous figure, will have to adjust the joints to each other so that the fragments of the figure on different pieces of the same.Consequently, when cutting rolls remain large amount of unused material.
When calculating the total number of wallpaper better still do not subtract the area of ​​window openings.When pasting the walls with windows and battery beneath them have vykleivat many narrow hard beds, which need a lot of small pieces of wallpaper.Therefore, calmer have an adequate supply of the material, not to be in a situation where lack just a few very notable centimeters.
count floor area should not relying on standard data on the size of housing and pre-measuring tape perimeter and height of the walls.At the same time it will determine to what height you want to hang wallpaper (to the ceiling or slightly indented), and whether you need a finishing decorative border.
Dimensions rolls of wallpaper may vary significantly.In most cases, conventional paper rolls of wallpaper have standard dimensions 10.05 m. In length and 50, 53 or 60 cm. In width.However, this is not a strict rule, therefore in the shop pay attention to these figures for specific wallpaper.If something in doubt, once again, contact your dealer for advice.
number of wallpaper rolls should always buy with a minimum of a 10% margin.The surplus will go into cropping pattern adjustment and possible marriage when pasting.And, if you're going to hang wallpaper on their own, without inviting professional artists, but it does not have much experience, better take a couple of rolls in reserve in case the marriage work.Even if all goes well and the marriage will be quite a bit in the future you will have a small margin wallpaper contingency minor repairs.