you need
  • - welding machine;
  • - flux;
  • - Construction knife;
  • - sandpaper.
First of all, it should be noted that the connection wires (wires) can occur with the use of three types of welding - gas, contact or termites.Each of them will provide the high quality, but which method to use in combination - to you.
Take wire , to be secure by welding.Free them from the ends of the insulation by 30-35 millimeters.Remove them to a shine.This can be done, for example, sandpaper.
Twist the ends of the wires, which are released from isolation and cleaned, and cover flux (a special tool for welding).This cover should be directly welding spot (5-10 mm).Lock with a special twist cla
mp in the vertical position.
Press carbon electrode to the ends of the wire.Be aware that under the influence of voltage (9-12V) from the welding machine at the end of the twisted melted and formed a kind of ball, which professionals call the weld.
If you are welding with copper wire , then the best use of gas appliances.Take copper wire and strip it of land in 50 millimeters.Twist it with aluminum, which is a pre-release of the insulation and strip, as described above.
Start welding.Remember gas welding of the contact differs only by the heat source device and coolers.Finishing the welding procedure will be considered when at wire 's formed a characteristic metal ball.
As for thermite welding, the actions are performed by means of special thermite cartridges, which are in a small stainless steel tube with a solid or a longitudinal slit.With this method, you must release the welding wire from isolation, clean up the ends and insert one in thermite cartridge.After this, the cartridge is ignited special thermite match.In the combustion temperature is formed to 4000 degrees, it causes the molten metal and, accordingly, the welding wires.