you need
  • - lime
  • - water
  • - salt
  • - fine sieve
  • - carpenter's glue
  • - powdered chalk
  • - soap
  • - blue or ultramarine
  • -potassium alum
Primer - one of the steps in the whitewashed ceiling.To make it, first prepare the lime putty.To do this, take a sufficiently dense slaked lime.Dissolve 2.5 kg of lime paste in hot water 5l.Then dissolved in a mixture of a little bit of salt, 50-100g.
Now the resulting volume, top up the water so as to obtain 10 liters.While adding the ingredients, mix thoroughly resulting composition at each stage.Stir primer for whitewash strain through a fine sieve.
Take a ten and a half liters of wood glue and stir it about 150-200g shabby powdered chalk.The result
ing mixture, add in the primer.This mixture should be applied by brush or roller.Prime with such a composition can be any ceiling.
whitewash can be prepared in several ways.One common recipe: take 5 liters of water, heat it to 50 degrees.It consistently dissolve 3kg carefully sifted chalk and 30g wood glue.That's enough about 12-15kv.m.ceiling.
Another part of ensuring whitewash quality.Take 3-4 liters of hot water, it dissolve 60 grams of soap, add 17g of methylene blue and ultramarine or 90g wood glue.Now add 2.5 kg of powdered chalk.This composition is enough for 10kv.m.area.
can use lime whitewash .For her take 5 liters of hot water.It Dissolve 2-3 kg slaked lime 50-100g salt, which can be replaced by potassium alum.Add 0.4-0.5 kg dyes which can be dissolved beforehand in water.Then bring the volume was 10 liters.It will not hurt a bit blueprints.