you need
  • - vinyl siding;
  • - wooden rail 50x50 mm;
  • - with anticorrosive coating fasteners (screws, nails);
  • - building tools (saw, an ax, a hammer, etc.);
  • - electric;
  • - Roulette;
  • - a plumb;
  • - level.
Vinyl siding can sheathe and stone houses - if, for example, if the driver outer insulation.However, most of them still wood veneer home .Uberite from the walls of the house all superfluous - the old trim, window and door frames, etc.Check the seal in the joints between the logs or timbers.If necessary prokonopatte House (lnovatinom, jute, hemp) or fill the gap with foam.
arrived on the wall as crates wooden slats 50x50 mm, placing them vertically at a distance from ea
ch other 30-40 cm. Reiki should be nailed down as the internal and external corners and around door and window openings witha slight retreat from the boxes.Using a plumb achieve that the outer surface of the crates was in the same vertical plane.If necessary, in the right places podtesyvayte logs or timber, or placed underneath the wooden slats lining.
Fix crates to standard plank siding - initial, angular (for external and internal angle), connective, window and door profiles.Starting strip according to the level set in the bottom wall.Connecting vertical slats are installed so that the distance between them (if several wall) were identical.If it is one, it must be centered on the wall.
Mounting horizontal panels start from the bottom of the initial strip.Hook the lower edge of the panel over the edge of the initial strap and pull it up until it clicks into the lock, and then attach the upper edge of the panel to the crates.The second and subsequent panels clinging to the upper edge of the underlying mounting strip.Do not pull the siding with a force.
Fasteners (nails or screws) set in the middle of the mounting slot and tighten (not hammer) to stop them.Between the cap and the edge of the panel must be a gap of 0.5-1 mm - to compensate for thermal strains.Between the ends of the panels and the inner surfaces of standard bars (angular, connectors, window), leave a gap of 5-6 mm (in summer) or 8-10 (winter).Properly fixed panel must be able to move a short distance in a horizontal direction.
Cutting siding can be built by a knife grinder, nail file or scissors for metal.The uppermost panel on the wall mount using the finishing strips, if necessary, carrying out their trim.For facing gable to secure the joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces of the J-channel.