you need
  • - hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • - bamboo trunks;
  • - bamboo wallpaper;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - charcoal;
  • - alcohol.
Bamboo desired size can grow at their summer cottage, or even at home.It grows very quickly.Therefore, we can not be afraid, for the sake of new furniture or bamboo curtains you will destroy rare plant.It is enough to put a time.If you do not take measures that could counteract the proliferation of roots, then a couple of years, your garden will be filled with all the bamboo.Enough of it to a variety of crafts, down to the furniture.
Bamboo certain height can be grown once.Wait for it will grow to the desired length.Under favorable conditions, it will happen very quickly, and in the first year of the stem is soft.Cut it in the usual sharp knife.Cut off the tip of approximately 5 cm above the last of the kidney.We will start to grow bamboo side leaves, which also can be used for handicrafts.Knife before surgery better wipe with alcohol or vodka.Place cut from a living sense of bamboo charcoal powder. Bamboo well tolerated pruning.
Regardless of whether you have grown bamboo from his garden or bought bamboo wallpaper, it will need to cut or trim.This is done the same way.Schedule the cut on the trunk.This is best done marker or incised.
simple hacksaw as solid wood will, but will cut uneven.Zaderevenevshy stalk of bamboo tends to delaminate, so if not pruned remain apart.Better use hacksaw or jigsaw.The teeth of the saw blade must be the smallest, only what is.Hold the saw exactly perpendicular to the stem or at the angle you want.
Bamboo marketing wallpaper before applying must be cut out exactly as they should dock.Share them along the strips with a sharp knife can be, as in this case only the base fabric is cut.Across the cut in the same way as in the case with stems.It should be particularly vigilant in the angle at which the bar is to drink.If the pieces remain and irregularities, problems arise when gluing pieces close to each other.