Tip 1: How to build a Russian hut

In Russia, it was considered commonplace "to cut» hut .It was cut down, because this building was done by the technique of the wooden frame.This is not surprising, because the tree - easily accessible, environmentally friendly material.Thus, one can construct a bath, fence, etc.But the most common construction is considered to be Russian hut.Russian house can serve you a great cottage, which will last for many years.
To build such a structure is very easy.To do this, you need to prepare logs, pre-cleaned of twigs and branches.Joining beams can be different compounds, "paw", "in Oblomov", etc.It is considered very important this tradition, which mentions that the tree should be cut down in the winter night full moon.If we cut down earlier, the log will quickly dampen and rot, and if later - the crack.Construction of the house requires an approach and respect for the ancient traditions.Felled timber should be 25 - 35 cm in diameter.
considered a very important choice of locati
on for the construction of the hut.It is believed that the most favorable place for the rise of the hut, but in any case not a ravine.Hut must be placed so that it blew fresh air, but not in a very windy place.More should choose a sunny place, because without sunlight the wood will rot.Construction should be in the spring, just after the snow has completely melted.In ancient times, the owner, who decided to build the house , invited for the construction of all the friends.The same could be asked for help from the peasant community.For his work did not pay money out of personal budget, and fed the workers during the construction of the hut.Even the owner was supposed to help in the construction of those who helped build the house him.The houses were quadrangular.Most often they were built of fir, pine and oak logs.
Stack the logs need to very carefully, so that there was all kinds of cracks.Otherwise, they can pass through the cold air and snow.At the same hut hut made without a single carnation.On the downside, it is necessary to make a recess so that the denser the beam over the lower.In order to even further insulate the walls, between the logs hammered moss.The moss was used in the insulation of windows and doors.The use of moss in the building called "building huts in the moss."
constructed in such a technique cottage will have a very decorative and attractive appearance.Now the construction of the house will take a lot less time and effort.Modern hut may be provided with sewage, water, electricity.And as insulation should not be used moss.Better use of modern heaters, which are much reliable and practical moss.

Tip 2: How to cut down a tree hut

centuries used as the primary building material.It has unique features not to miss the cold and trap heat.That is why wooden houses still enjoy great popularity.
you need
  • - tools for working with wood (saw, an ax, planer, chisel),
  • - the right amount of building materials (logs or timber),
  • - prepared for the construction area,
  • - a prepared foundation.

are suitable for the construction not all the trees, but only those who have passed a certain test.Before you cut the stem, make a note - remove the bark on the trunk of narrow strips from top to bottom.It is desirable that the pine stood for several years.During this time, the tree starts to produce the resin to impregnate her trunk.This significantly increases the strength of the timber.

Chop pine fall to not rotten.But aspen harvested in the spring, when the juice is released.In this case, the bark is easy to get away with a log and it dries in the sun becomes strong as the bone.If you need to store the tree, it is best done under a canopy or in a room.

Blockhouse assembly is placed on the ground, sometimes on a low base, built of flat stones.If you look from the side, it seems that the logs passed through each other.In fact, at the end of the log is cutting up the middle.On cross-beam cutting with the same groove.Trunks Apply a cutting of cutting, and the ends should stick out.Sometimes the ends abate, this process is called "paw."

four logs are related to the square, creating a crown.It imposes the following altar.
This cottage does not use nails, because about nail wood begins to rot and deteriorate.If you want to strengthen some of the buildings, using wooden crutches.
Helpful Hint
As an example of the construction of wooden houses you can bring the ancient Rus.People here know how to make sure that the house was not only comfortable, but also beautiful.The huts were built of centuries-old trunks, which was two hundred years, and length up to 20 meters.For walls use pine and larch, and in those places where the trees do not grow this breed was used oak or birch.
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