Tip 1: How to keep the tiles

When building all sorts of structures (buildings, roads) and the decoration of the premises are widely used different types of tiles.Regardless of whether the tiles paving or facing, its storage before use certain requirements.If you violate the conditions of proper storage tiles may lose its presentation, and in the worst case, it is completely unsuitable for human consumption.
One of the main characteristics imposed on the tile - exceptional reliability and durability.To maintain these characteristics at the appropriate level, to take steps to create conditions for its storage immediately after production (before application).Otherwise, the product may adversely affect the harmful factors such as humidity or inadmissible mechanical loads.
When storing tiles danger to it is the so-called biological corrosion.When laying tile products in storage to protect them against such harmful effects as mold.In most cases, it is sufficient to use a sealed plastic packaging of individual b
locks, tiles are laid.
Upon delivery of the tiles to the consumer or during storage for intermediate storage there is a risk of mechanical damage to the product application.Therefore, when choosing a storage location, make sure that the tiles possible impact of other bulk products or accidental fall of large items that are in stock.
Avoid penetration of the product moisture and precipitation.In some cases, cause harmful wetting tile is contact with the soil (capillary leak).Moisture on the tile surface can lead to the development of unwanted microflora.Use the storage tiles special wooden or plastic pallets to prevent contact with the ground.
paving slabs manufacturing and after stripping lay face each other.Use before placing the tiles on the storage of special packaging (tape and metal clips).Sometimes, no harm will be used for long-term storage of stretch film.It is particularly important to ensure proper storage conditions for paving slabs in the first three weeks after production when the product is gaining strength and are most susceptible to the harmful effects of the environment.
to create optimal conditions for storage of different types of tiles and sizes equip dry indoor warehouse.Indoors Provide good ventilation.This is especially important for the paving tiles and paving stones, which should be well ventilated.For this purpose, use intermediate wooden spacers.In the absence of airflow surface of the product becomes unsightly.

Tip 2: Types of paving slabs

Pavers - an excellent material for paving streets, pavements, squares.Advantages of the tiles that it is durable, strong, can withstand aggressive chemicals and high temperature extremes.
Types of paving slabs
Paving tiles can be made of different materials.Of course, the main raw material for its production - concrete, it turns out strong and cheap tile, however, is not a particularly attractive appearance.More expensive tiles can be made of ceramic materials, various kinds of stones, granite.

tile produced in two main technologies - vibropressing and vibrocasting.

advantage of sidewalk tile is environmentally friendly: the plants beneath it can live in peace.

vibrocompressed tiles

vibrocompression When concrete is placed in a mold, which is exposed to strong vibrations in vibropress.The result is a very solid concrete paving slabs.Such tiles pave sidewalks.In some European cities, it is used even on the roadway, but in this case take a special small tile, as many small surfaces more resistant to stress than one large.

vibrocompressed tile looks a bit rough and rough, sometimes it is in color, but for decorative purposes, it still does not fit, its purpose - to give city dwellers a comfortable surface for the movement.

vibrocasting tiles

vibrocasting tiles are made of special plastic masses by injection in vibroformy.Such tile has a much lower strength and can not withstand high loads and therefore it is used only in the particular construction, e.g., for summer tracks.
for hardening vibrocasting tiles in its composition can be added to the reinforcing fibers.

Granite Pavement

most durable is granite tiles, it is able to perform its function for 300 years.It is obtained by processing natural stone cobbles.This granite pavers looks very noble, for its decorative properties, it is superior vibrocasting tiles.

granite stone blocks are usually used for central urban areas, significant sites of the city, and it can use a variety of institutions and shops in front of his entrance, to emphasize the elite place.The price of granite tiles is high, but it pays off its durability.

Granite tiles provide better drainage compared with concrete.

form tiles

Now on the market you can buy tiles of practically any shape.The most common - a rectangular tile laying is done easier and faster, so this form of mass tiles used for paving streets and sidewalks.Figured tile allows you to create drawing on the sidewalk.Typically, rates for laying a tile above, as a need for more experienced masters.