Liquid wallpaper applied as a conventional plaster on the surface after the treatment wall soaked with a mixture of yellow spots can be formed for a number of reasons.This is because the material in contact with the surface "pulls" stains.The appearance of defects is easy to avoid, but not least, just remove flaws and liquid wallpaper.

Remove the yellow stains on the wallpaper

The beauty of working liquid wallpaper is that at any moment they can be restored - in the process of application, after drying.Fix yellow spots succeed with a decorative surface by re-applying the mixture
to the desired area.For this first layer is removed from the tread defects on it, it is best to remove the layer of pre-moistened with liquid wallpaper plain water.Then you need a piece of the wallpaper is removed with a spatula.Re-use the material will not succeed. not to spot stood out on the wall, previously painted with bright colors, in addition to a primer before applying liquid wallpaper must also cover the surface of white paint.

To place after the restoration of yellow spots on the liquid wallpaper no longer stood out defects, you must carefully handle the work surface.To do this on the wall or ceiling of the primer is applied in two or three layers.Ideally you should use a proven professional tool.Next, soak the dry mix the right amount and reapply liquid decorative wallpaper, wait for them to dry.The primer can be applied as a paint roller and brush, but do liquid wallpaper - spatula.

Removing liquid wallpaper for the destruction of the spots comprising the step of wetting the surface with yellowness.Moisten the ceiling or wall must be abundantly - spray, sponge or roller.It should leave the wallpaper for deep soaking for half an hour or an hour.You can repeat the wetting for optimal results.

How can I prevent stains on the yellow liquid wallpaper

Decorative wallpaper require thorough preparation of the surface prior to application.It is necessary to remove the remains of the walls of old wallpaper, remove old putty.Particular attention should be paid to the processing of projecting metal parts - nails, staples.These elements are in contact with the liquid wallpaper may corrode, resulting in the surface will appear yellow spots.It is best to paint the metal parts white enamel paint, a primer will not be enough. yellow spots may appear in the non-observance of application technology, the use of low-quality material.

Yellow spots - not always rust through layers of liquid wallpaper can shine pieces of old paper wallpaper, paint residues, putty.Therefore, it is important to be well primed surface.To remove yellow stains after applying decorative liquid wallpaper, you must have left a mixture of the desired shade.So you can not buy stuff "back to back", is to take a little more liquid wallpaper than needed for consumption.