you need
  • - resin varnish;
  • - tinting paste;
  • - colored grout.
learn the techniques of processing tile joints and try not to make mistakes in the repair.To light grout color is not changed later, after removing the excess mixture from the tiles and smoothing welds required to remove moisture, gathered between the tiles.When joints are completely dry, it is recommended to polish them with a cotton cloth.If the room is dry, moisten the joints, but only after 2-3 hours after the grout work.Use only clean water, or the mixture may be painted white.
Apply grout joints faded specialized gloss lacquer for tiles, designed to give the wall a decorative effect "smooth stone".Select the products of famous brands (such as "ColoursĀ», Mapei, Cargo, Derufa and others), and follow the manufacturer's instructions.This tool is able to update the ugly color of the grout, to give it luster.In addition, part of the polymer will be protected against fungus - penetrate into the structure of the mixture trowel and make it waterproof.
Experiment with different coloring pastes that are recommended by manufacturers for the tile grout.In DIY stores you can find a rich palette of colors.With their help you will be able to prepare their own decorative grout mixture of white or enhance the tone from the color.Typically, a small amount of weight added to the final trowel the desired color scheme and thoroughly kneaded.The resulting mixture should be tinted gradually added to the grout and stir constantly until a homogeneous color.
Check the resulting colored grout on a sample of ceramic tiles to ensure the correct color scheme.It is important that the resulting mixture does not leave indelible stains on the tiles.Wait until the probe is completely tinted harden - its color may be not the same as expected.
Be prepared for the fact that the self-made grout color can be dull or darkened over time.If you want to beautifully crafted tile joints, it is recommended not to decorate the white mixture, and immediately buy a color known company - it reliably pigmented in a large-scale production.