you need
  • - styrofoam plates
  • - adhesive
  • - wool
  • - mineral wool
family of heaters includes materials of different price category.If a material is inexpensive, it does not mean that it is somewhat inferior in quality and other properties.Among low-cost materials are glass wool insulation, foam products and others.
extremely important question is the foundation bearing insulation.To a large extent it depends on their durability and the thermal balance of the house.This is especially important for the northern regions.When the device bespodvalnogo building insulation boards, for example, polystyrene, stacked in multiple layers to the prepared area and pour concrete.Further constr
uction make in the normal way.For horizontal and vertical basement protection Lay the plate along the foundation.
both flat and inclined roof podvergaeyutsya impact of adverse external and internal factors.From the outside, on the roof of continuous exposure to changes in temperature, precipitation, dry;inside - moisture.If insulation of roofs successful and widely used polyurethane foam.It can be applied by spraying or installed ready plates.
on polystyrene plates covering the non-ventilated (warm) roof should be laid bitumen waterproof layer.When insulation ventilated (cold) roof boards should be installed only on its back side.To prevent condensation of water vapor vented leave the plane.
for facade insulation needed from a special multi-layer insulation material for these purposes.First front insulation is attached, and then attached to the base of the facade mechanically.On the insulation is applied to the reinforcing layer and finishing material.
for facade insulation material suitable "Termosteps".Also, affordable products company Rockwool: «Acoustic Butts" or "Venti Butts".All of these materials are high-strength, lightweight and easy to install.
material for insulation of walls can be installed both on the inside and the outside of the house.Wall thus insulate the entire plane.For this type of work is recommended to use materials which are plates of different types.It is possible to produce mineral wool wall insulation, polystyrene foam, other cheap heaters.
to the cheapest on the market today include insulation materials experts "Hansol", "Geokar."For warming cap and ceilings can be used glass fibers.It is not flammable, environmentally safe, durable and protects against noise and cold.
To protect heat-insulating materials from moisture vapor-permeable film, use and diffusion membrane.