you need
  • - cement brand M400;
  • - filler (expanded clay, slag, etc.);
  • - additive DLS (wood emulsified tar);
  • - sand;
  • - shovel;
  • - capacity for measuring and mixing the solution;
  • - form block.
  • of 1 m³ keramsit M75:
  • - cement M400 - 250 kg;
  • - expanded clay - 1.05 m³;
  • - sand - 0,2 m³;
  • - wood saponified resin (LMS) - 0.3 kg;
  • - water - 0.25-0.35 m³.
  • of 1 m³ cinder M50:
  • - cement M400 - 200 kg;
  • - slag - 0,7 m³;
  • - sand - 0.25 m³;
  • - lime - 50 kg;
  • - 0.1-0.15 m³ of water.
Choose the perfect view of the block

wall blocks can be made based on various binders and fillers.As the main component of the cement used.Choice o
f fillers is much broader.This may be sand, expanded clay, slag, dust and so on. Depending on the kind of excipients and their ratios to each other can be obtained a material differing strength, thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, cold resistance.In the manufacture of building blocks with their own hands more often as fillers selected slag or expanded clay.Slag and expanded clay blocks have good operating properties - high thermal insulation combined with sufficient strength - and thus relatively cheap.The slag is often possible to buy all for free or for little cost.
Decide Marc Bloch

strength building block, characterized by its brand name, driven by the relative proportions of cement and fillers.By increasing the amount of cement and sand regarding the expanded clay and slag can increase the strength of the unit.However, it should be remembered that at the same time reduces its insulating properties.Between strength and thermal insulation is necessary to find a middle ground.
determine the size unit

The most common is the standard size 390h190h188 mm.However, you can make blocks of any size.Before settling on any particular size, determine the thickness of the wall structure, which is intended for blocks, and then, on the basis of it, choose the size of the block.
Fabricate, buy or rent a machine for the manufacture of blocks

can do without the machine by making a simple sectional shape (matrix) of sheet metal, wood or plastic.However, in this case, it requires a large number of forms, as units uploaded to solidify will have some time to stay in the forms.Shlakoblochnogo machines, due to the presence of the vibrator allows to unload the unit immediately after molding.If you plan to produce a large number of units, it is better to do it with the help of the machine.The gain in time is huge.
Prepare working mixture

Measure the required proportion in all of the components (cement, sand, slag or expanded clay, lime) and mix them in the gate capacitance.Then add water with dissolved in it DLS.Depending on the moisture content of water fillers may require a different number, so add it gradually, stirring and assessing the mobility of the mixture.Not perebavlyayte water.The stiffer (less mobile) mixture, the stronger gets a block in.
filled with a mixture form

If you are using manual sectional shape by pouring carefully seal the mixture in the form of a trowel or shovel - until then, until the surface is smooth and is covered with a thin layer of water.When using the machine for sealing shlakoblochnogo mixture is enough for a few seconds (5-8) to enable the vibrator.
During curing units provide a wet state of their surfaces.This can be achieved by pouring regular blocks water or coating them with a plastic film.Blocks should solidify in the shadows.