Tip 1: How to calculate Materials

your plans major repairs or construction of a country house (dacha), but how much money is all you need to know.After all, you need to calculate everything from the layout, and ending with the building materials.But how to guess the number and cost of all know one.
you need
  • project time, money
companies.Today there are many firms that for your money do the work, since the calculation of building materials and finishing construction of the house.The main thing that you need to do - tell the vision, desire and, of course, to pay for the services of the organization.The price may reach a round sum, but since you will not need to waste your time, effort and nerves.
do themselves.If you decide to do everything on their own, rather than relying on someone, you need to consider many things.Indeed, so you'll save money, plus be sure that everything is done on the conscience.
house project.The first thing you should do - make a plan, a project of the future house.To do
this, perform measurements of the room, which is beyond repair.Think and maximize, minimize waste, if it is real.
calculation of building materials.First, calculate the cost so the title of "rough" materials - those that are needed for the preparatory work.This plaster, nails, primers, fillers, adhesives, dry mixes, plumbing pipes, cables, valves, and others.Next, calculate the cost of finishing materials.This linoleum flooring, parquet flooring, baseboards, carpet, decorative coverings, ceilings, wallpaper, decorative panels, PVC windows, doors, electrical outlets, plumbing appliances, tile, etc..
During calculationnumber of materials such as carpet, wallpaper, linoleum, tile pre-measure the room again, given the arches, niches and some naddvernye window space.
Purchase.Pre-take a trip to the market, visit the hypermarkets, etc.The main goal - to find a reasonable price and promotions.At the time of purchase be sure to take it with a plan of project, or can buy too much, or worse - to forget to buy something.

Tip 2: How to calculate the cost of construction

Calculate the cost of building - the most important thing.After all, so you prepare for building a house with the most important aspect - material.But such a calculation is done right, and that this would require?
Home construction
you need
  • project.
What do you need? In order to calculate cost construction, you definitely need a project that includes: planning the territory and premises of the building, the project of the structure, as well as facade and roof.Note that without such a project, you can not calculate.
The project
Specific tsifryNizhe we give specific average amount that you have to pay for certain construction works:
- the cost of design work - 250 rubles per square meter;
- cost work on pouring the foundation - 750 rubles per square meter;
- the cost of civil works (2500 rubles per square meter);
- cost Roofing (600 rubles per square meter);
- facade works cost (400 rubles per square meter);
- value engineering (500 rubles per square meter)
- cost of works on installation of sewerage (500 rubles per square meter).
ItogoVse above figures indicate that on average, to build a house or villa you will have to spend about 6000. The amount goes very weighty and it is all despite the fact that this money moreno added value materials.So, on one square meter you have to spend 7,000 rubles on materials.
Remember that your own home - it is a luxury and treat it appropriately construction.
Helpful Hint
1. Construction of the house, as is evident from the above amounts, the case material expensive - expect their forces.

2. Of course, you can save by buying a cheap building materials and hire builders - amateurs.However, note that in such a case a couple of years later, you have to start already spent to repair the building.
  • calculated as the cost of construction
Helpful Hint
calculation conducted and materials during the repair is not enough.To avoid this, after counting the cost required to add to the amount received 15-20 percent more, and if you plan to major repairs, then all of 25%.