Tip 1: How to hang ceilings

Stretch ceilings are gaining popularity among Russian consumers.They allow you to forget about the imperfections of the ceiling of the cracks and inclines.A wide range of fabric textures allows you to choose the ideal material for your home.
you need
  • - screws;
  • - adhesive;
  • - heat gun;
  • - Building a hairdryer;
  • - spatula.
canvas for suspended ceilings can be mounted in different ways.For cam method requires some prints.The gap between the main ceilings will be the minimum - eight millimeters, which will save you as much space in the room.
harpoon method allows you to use the web to seven percent less than the main ceiling.In this case, the film is welded along the edges of a side-harpoon shaped like a hook, which it will be attached to the prints.
for wedge fastening method must be purchased over the web of the main ceiling.The product is attached, and the excess material is removed.
know in advance where you pass wiring.Check whether there is a void in
the walls.Note the sectional shape of moldings.The material, which resembles the letter "P", attach with screws, groove down.Place the tape in the slot and install plastic glazing beads.Do not make the installation of a suspended ceiling above the tiles.
If your walls are not tiled and covered with wallpaper, Mounting tension ceilings should be made later decoration.Take out of the room all the high furniture.This rule is necessary to perform, because the false ceiling is heated heat gun.
Think about what you will be installing lighting.Power lamps mounted between suspended ceilings and the main should be 30-50 watts.The web then select the transparent or translucent.
Start fixing baguette from the corner that has the smallest height.Deviation from the horizontal level and opposite walls should not exceed two millimeters.First, plant a baguette on the glue.When it is dry, fix the profile with screws, the distance between them should be about eight centimeters.
After fixing baguette necessary to raise the temperature of the room to 40 degrees.To do this, use a heat gun.Pre moved out of the room all the objects that may be affected due to such a high temperature.The very fabric false ceiling bring to 60 degrees to make it more elastic.
Fasten canvas in one corner, and then - in the opposite direction.Similarly diagonally set material in the rest of the corners.Secure the cloth in a baguette with a spatula.The ceiling may sag into two to four centimeters.Warm seat folds construction hairdryer.

Tip 2: How to hang a ceiling

Attaching the plastic ceiling - is a modern way to help refine the interior of the dwelling.Also available is a plastic material.Determined to hang a plastic ceiling, first make measurements of the ceiling.Sami plastic panels are rectangular plates having a width of 17 cm and a length of 6 m. As a result, the total area of ​​the panel is approximately equal to one square meter.
Such panels - an excellent choice for any ceiling
Apart from the panels also need to purchase a wooden rack section 3x5 cm. They will be fixed ceiling.Determine in advance so you will have a ceiling plastic (across or along the selected wall).Also Calculate the required length of strips, as the ceiling is mounted perpendicular to them.Note that the distance between the laths should be about 30 cm. This will help determine the overall footage rails.In addition, the need to buy a ceiling moldings.
is attached to the ceiling rails be with screws 50-60 mm in length and plastic tubes so that they, too, will have to be reserved.Of the tools you need to drill, punch, stapler furniture and saw-hacksaw.
Before sawing strips and plastic panels should all carefully fathom and make markings on the ceiling.Plastic perfect hacksaw and rail can be cut with an ordinary carpenter's saw.Sawn slats, pre-drill channels in them under the screws.Drill suitable trehmillimetrovoe.The holes must be located at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other.
can now arm ladder and start fastening strips and plastic panels.Attach the rail to the desired location on the ceiling.Through drilled for screws channels scratched sharp nail or awl mark.According to the obtained marks prodolbite ceiling hammer, then sticking plastic stoppers.Screw the rack into place.Then attach the plastic sheet in one of the edges of the room, directing the panel lock yourself.Next, adjust its stapler on rails.Insert the lock into the next panel, and again sighted stapler.After installation, the panels install ceiling moldings.
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