you need
  • - saw, chisel and plane;
  • - measuring tape or ruler;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - a dry cloth;
  • - technical scales;
  • - oven;
  • - notepad and pen to take notes.
Try to identify humidity wood by some external signs.Treat neobstrugannuyu board a plane, cut it across sharpened chisel or make the cut.When the timber is very easy to cut and stitch it moisturized - a lot of moisture in the wood.Squeeze hands resulting thin shavings.If it crumbles and breaks it in front of you is enough dry wood;but if a crumb falls into the ver
y body of the preform, it is already dry.
Cut off a small portion of the board (the optimum thickness - about 10 mm, width - 30 cm), departing approximately 25-30 mm from the end.To determine the moisture content wood , received a trial period of the material must be thoroughly processed sandpaper in order to avoid burrs and dry cloth to scrub all filings.
Immediately after cleaning a piece of wood must be weighed in the balance of reliable technology.Write down the result by specifying the initial weight of wood , as accurately as possible (up to a hundredth of a gram).
Put the timber in the oven, setting the temperature to 100 degrees.An hour later, you have to remove the test material from the oven and weighed again.Now continue to dry bar regularly (every hour), its weighing.Do not forget to record all the results.When the wood is completely dry, it will stop the weight change.This usually occurs after 4-8 hours.Bar and can be dried on a hot central heating radiator, but in this case, the process will take at least 48 hours.
Divide the difference in the initial and final weight of the workpiece to its weight in the dry state, and then multiply that number by 100. The resulting number will be the index and the percentage of moisture content in lumber.For clarity, we can give you an example.Did you have a sample of wood weighing 250 g After drying, it began to weigh 200 g 250-200 = 50.How to determine the moisture content wood ?
50: 200 = 0.25 * 100 = 25%