you need
  • hacksaw with fine teeth, plane, file, adhesive tape
sawing chipboard is a very labor-intensive process associated with a significant number of smalldust.In the context of the large production of these problems can be solved by industrial methods, and here at home rather difficult to mark and correct, without chipping, sawing a dozen sheets of particleboard , and then remove from the workplace the whole pile of garbage.
One of the options - not venturing cut chipboard their own hands, and to order it when buying the material.It is a common service at the moment.Work on the cutting in this case are made on professional equ
ipment, which guarantees high quality and speed.
If you still are going to saw chipboard in a home workshop, you need a saw with fine teeth.This drink provides a more even cut.When cutting position the cutting tool at a very acute angle to the surface of chipboard .You need to cut with a slight pressure, with little impact (this will avoid chipping and wrinkles).
To further protect the surface of the plate from the creases, stick through cutting the tape.It especially helps when cutting laminated chipboard.
When sawing chipboard in any case can not rush, or else may be formed chips on the cut line.If you manage to get even with the sawing cut, such part does not require additional treatment.In the presence of some irregularities, you can trim them to a plane, or a file.
sawed chipboard , you are thereby exposed the inner layers of the plate, which can then be subjected to various deformations.To protect the edge after cutting, okleyte its special plastic tape coated with an adhesive.You can also use veneer.
Despite the fact that the sawing chipboard possible and at home, to ensure high quality it is better to consult a professional.In particular this applies to the cutting of large volumes chipboard .