you need
  • - brick;
  • - cement;
  • - sifted sand;
  • - water;
  • - shovel;
  • - a mixing solution;
  • - trowel;
  • - special hammer;
  • - rule;
  • - a plumb line and a thick fishing line.
First you need to measure everything and pull thick fishing line, marks the boundary wall.They need to get a smooth masonry as "by eye" do not come out.These handy guides secured when working indoors.If you post wall outdoors, then pull the fishing line guide above the ground between two pegs, and the wall itself check plumb and rule every three or four rows of masonry.
important stage in the creation of a batch of masonry mortar.For this first pour into a container for mixing cement and san
d in the ratio 1: 4 and mix shovel.Then add the water and mix the solution.It is not recommended to do at a time more than 20-30 liters of the mixture, as it gradually hardens and thickens.
easiest way to lay a brick wall in.Simply lay out row by row, in each subsequent moving bricks by ½ in the direction of stacking.In such a case, each of the second series will begin with a half brick , so you have to cut it.For this you need a special hammer with a sharp striker.They are easy to cut bricks and podtesyvat them as needed.
If you are going to put a wall of two rows, you will need to do to connect them bandaged, otherwise you get two parallel thin stenochki.Here you can use two methods.The first - to lay bricks in every second row across, then they will join an all bricks.The most important rule - do not let the seams in the ranks of the match.Always try to lay bricks so that the seam in the middle of a one row overlap in neighboring bricks.The second way - in every fourth row, turn across a few bricks in a row, but not the entire series.Both options are good, but the first is more beautiful.
more sophisticated version - three rows of masonry.In this case, you definitely need to do all the dressing rows alternately either of the two methods described above.
The process of installation is simple.Simply apply the solution to the already laid row, then a little of the solution to the side brick , which will be attached to the existing in the new series, then put a brick in a row.Firmly press it into place by hand, then gently tapping the handle of a trowel, adjust the final brick in place.Do not worry, the solution does not freeze at once, so you have time to properly lay a brick, but gradually you learn to do it right.