you need
  • - expandable polystyrene beads marks PSV or PSV-C OST 301-05-202-95E or imported counterparts;
  • - blowing agent;
  • - pre-expander;
  • - bunker exposure pellets;
  • - an AC three-phase 380V 50Hz;
  • - water;
  • - measuring utensils for at least 5 liters;
  • - scales;
  • - Checklist.
foaming polystyrene need special equipment.Prior to its use, check the connection and communication pre-expander.Turn on the machine and warm up to a temperature of 100-110? C, allow to evaporate the condensation.The operating pressure should be from 0.16 to 0.22 kgf / cm2.This should keep the temperature around 95-98 degrees Celsius.
feeds into the unit by the feed hopper.The feed is performed in the work zone screw.In the work zone under steaming and blowing agent when exposed to feedstock increases in size up to 50 times.As used liquid
foaming agent boiling at a low temperature.For example, isopentane, whose boiling point is 28? C.To impart fire resistance polystyrene, add up in 5% bromine or chlorine compounds.When foaming polystyrene beads remain closed.Lightweight pellets rise to the top, where the window moves to the intermediate unloading hopper.Hence, through drying "fluidized bed" pellets are fed into a hopper shutter granules.
Soak the pellets in the hopper "ripening" in the cells until the atmospheric pressure.Cooling and drying the granules in the hopper keep soaking temperature 22-28 degrees during 8-24chasov.