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  • - Spruce and pine (for comparison)
If you want to distinguish one piece pine from one piece of spruce, in the beginning look at the needletheir branches.The first difference from spruce pine is the length and structure of their needles.Pine needle longer moreover, they are usually collected by the two together, while the shorter needle spruce and arranged orderly across the branch.
Next, pay attention to the cones.Cones, located on the branches of pine, are more solid, though their actual size can be called small.Cones of spruce is much larger and softer.
next step carefully examine each tree crown.Pine has a crown at the very top, in rare cases, in the middle of the barrel, and spruce - large branches thr
oughout the trunk decreases towards the top, which gives it a resemblance to a cone.
If the pine and spruce are presented as a building material or timber, then analyze the color of the wood.Pine wood has a slight pinkish hue, while fir wood is white, but it darker and saturated.Knots occur more often on the surface of fir and pine tree that's considered more resinous.But it is the smell of spruce resin more tart.