you need
  • containers of various sizes;
  • frame with taut wire mesh;
  • burlap;
  • blade;
  • bricks;
  • buckets;
  • water;
  • the water hose;
Washing sand requires a significant investment of clean water, as well as space for draining.Therefore, identify and prepare a place where you will make washing.Prescreened sand through a metal mesh to filter out large fragments and debris.Bring water with a water inlet hose.
This method is used in relatively small amounts of starting material.Select is not very big, but fairly wide pot, such as a bowl.Pour back sand and fill it with water.Stir the mixture paddle.Drain the murky water.Repeat two or three times.Then, taking a bowl in hand, hold it under a gentle stream of running water.Making a circular motion, gently tilt the bow
l so that contaminated water is slowly drained.For a larger fraction of sand faster and more vigorous work out the movement and tilt more capacity to, together with the dirt went fine sand .Rinse until the water runs clear.Then gently pour the water.
For more sand, use a frame with a metal grid or grill.The area of ​​the frame should be about 1m2 and a cell size of 5 to 10 mm.The frame should have a side height of 5 - 10 cm. Install the frame horizontally by placing the corners of 3 - 4 brick.Top cover with burlap frame.Sprinkle an even layer thickness of 4 - 8 cm. Aim the water in the frame and adjust the pressure so that the sand not sprayed.Periodically changing direction, rinse sand , until the water under the frame will not be clean.Close the tap and leave the washed material in the box to the water glass.With this method larger sand will be in the upper layer.
method that allows the sand wash in large volumes, is as follows.Set at a slight inclination of the metal bath.The area of ​​the bath about 3 m2, the height of the flanges 30 - 35 cm. Pour into a container 10 - 12 buckets of sand, a little level it.Attach a hose to the top of the bath and fill it with water.Adjust the pressure so that the water slowly drain to the bottom edge.Bottom-up gently stir until it starts to blend clean water.Turn off the water.Select washed sand on a clean flat surface and allow to drain water.