you need
  • wood different kinds of wood, the wood burl, planing machine, woodworking machine
Take dry wood cap spruce Siberian pine and Caucasian fir.Pre-soak it and steam the.Then dry in an oven.Saw cap installation on the pitch, while its thickness should be 1 to 10 mm.Production of sawn veneer associated with high wood waste sawdust, almost 60 per cent.He goes more and better sliced ​​veneer.Sawn veneer used for making musical instruments in December and highly artistic furniture, as it is used for li
ning doors, wall panels, elements of stairs, gnutokleenyh pieces of furniture, the front side of parquet and decorative finishing.
How to make veneer
Take vanches, bar, valuable hardwood or softwood and wood burl.Clip it on a special planer is stationary.Cut its specialized knives, in this case the size of the veneer is equal to the width of the bar.It is used for the manufacture of plywood.From thin and crooked trees produced smaller pieces.Thus, the width of the entire Karelian birch veneer 30-50 mm.Traditional fabricated veneer width - 60-120 mm, the gradation of 10 mm, a thickness of 0.4 to 1.2 mm, graduation - 0.3 mm.
How to make veneer
Take relatively common types of wood: oak, birch, alder, larch, beech, ash, elm, linden, cedar.Cut it to the peeler logs.Fix it into woodworking machines between the spindles and make peeling using a cutter.Rotary veneer is cut by a spiral round a cylindrical billet, billet, which gives the rotation, the breadth of it a lot more than the veneer.
How to make veneer