determine the future of the thickness of the walls of your home based on the size chosen for the construction of bricks.You can make mills thickness of 120 mm, 250 mm, 380 mm, 510 mm or 640 mm - depending on whether a number of bricks of the wall thickness.This can be a half-brick and two half brick.
The Russian weather conditions is best done in a wall thickness of 510 or 640 mm - two or two and a half brick.Accordingly, after determining the thickness of the walls of the house Calculate the perimeter of the planned walls and their height.Multiply the length of the perimeter of the supposed height to find the area of ​​the walls of the future house.
From the resulting figure, subt
ract the area of ​​windows and doors you want to count separately in accordance with the project at home.Subtract the area of ​​window and door openings of the total area of ​​perimeter walls - in your hands is the number representing the area of ​​the walls, stacked directly from bricks.
To determine the number of bricks required to fill-calculated area, calculates the number of bricks, depending on their size: the bricks are single, double and sesquioxides.
Usually houses are built from a single standard bricks.If you make a wall thickness of two bricks, in the case of single brick per square meter, it will take 204 pieces.If you put a wall thickness of 2,5 brick, it will take 255 per square meter of wall.
Multiply this figure by the total area of ​​the brickwork, you've already figured out, and get the number of bricks required for the construction of your home.Do not forget that you need to buy a brick with a small margin in case you need more bricks in the masonry.