Tip 1: How to saw laminate

For furniture in a home studio is often used laminated chipboard.Being made of coniferous and deciduous trees, chipboard has the essential qualities including durability and ease in handling.The main drawback of laminated board is that careless pruning may be chipped material.To properly sawing chipboard, should comply with certain rules.
you need
  • - measuring tape or yardstick;
  • - pencil;
  • - hacksaw with fine teeth;
  • - jigsaw;
  • - Circular Saw;
  • - masking tape or adhesive tape.
Choose the cut that will be used in the processing of laminated chipboard.Straight cut used for cutting rectangular shapes used in the furniture industry.Some items require a curved design furniture layouts.And mixed mode possible cut chipboard.
Prepare necessary to cut chipboard tools.You will need a saw with a fine tooth or jigsaw.For cutting can be used as a circular saw, if the teeth of the disc are the appropriate size.To protect the laminate coating from damage when cutting the material, prep
are the masking tape or adhesive tape.To mark blanks required line and a well-sharpened pencil.
Mark the sheet in accordance with the requirements of the finished product.Select a pencil or marker to the ends of the plate intended cutting point.
to protect the plate from the chips stick to the place of the future cut masking tape, scotch tape or other adhesive layer.Laminated chipboard is coated melamine and lacquer, which is applied at high temperature and pressure.Ribbon cutting edge protection against scuffing and chipping.
stickers After the protective tape, connect with each other in terms of the provisional marking pencil.
Getting A sawing chipboard , hold the saw at an acute angle to the surface of the plate to make the edges smooth as possible.Do not try to push hard on the tool motion must be rhythmic and light.
If the cutting edge of the turned straight, the product does not require any additional processing edges.Upon detection of irregularities treat them with a file or rasp.The ends of the plates, which are obtained as a result of the cut, paste over the surface of the veneer in the color plates to give additional protection for the whole product and an attractive appearance.

Tip 2: How to saw chipboard without chipping

During construction works and in the production of furniture is widely used chipboard, and in particular, one of its species - laminated chipboard.It is made from chipboard deciduous and coniferous trees.The advantages of such a plate provides easy processing and durability.Disadvantage - chipboard is poorly treated fine, sometimes it may be chipped.How to reduce the probability of their occurrence?
How to saw chipboard without chipping
laminated chipboard is made on the basis of wood chipboard of the highest quality, and is coated resistant melamine and lacquered at high pressure and temperature.This treatment gives the product resistance to moisture and mechanical damage.
sawing chipboard is a preparation of whole sheets for various construction and design purposes and production of furniture and interior pomescheniya.Pri straight cutting chipboard form a rectangular shape, suitable for the manufacture of some types of furniture and flooring on the floor.Curved cutting provides elements with curving forms.So carry out some details of the original designer furniture with curved formu.Smeshanny cut combines the two previous types of cutting.It is widely distributed in the furniture industry.
If you decide to handle sheets of chipboard at home, choose a saw with fine teeth.Cutting is carried out under a very acute angle to the surface, it will make the edges smooth as possible.Creases can be avoided if only lightly press on the saw.As an additional means of protection against chipping when sawing chipboard recommended to glue the line cut the tape with the adhesive layer.
Smooth cut after cutting requires little or no additional treatment.You can trim the rough edges with a file or rasp.Additional protection when cutting exposing the inner layer boards give veneer tape.
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