Use sealant can be both internal and for external works.General Terms of Use and sealant are acrylic and silicone.Modern sealant realized Hardware store in plastic tubes.To work with them should purchase the building gun.
Before applying sealant and should be treated with the surface.You can degrease it with special means, but experience has shown that quite carefully wipe with a damp cloth.
this field sealant squeezed into seam trim strip, thus it is necessary to monitor the filling thick seam.After the joint is filled, it is necessary to align.You can use a variety of handy tools, but
it is best to wet a finger with soapy water and carry out the seam.Then sealant becomes flat and smooth.After complete curing acrylic can be painted.
Sealant can also be used as an adhesive.As an example, silicone (aquarium) sealant .Its properties are such that it can be glued glass.And the quality of the bonding is so high that it can withstand water pressure of 100 liters.
acrylic sealant used for gluing ceiling moldings (frieze) and plastic parts to virtually any surface.
also acrylic sealant indispensable for working with tension ceilings, because, unlike silicone, does not have in its composition corrosive chemicals.Today in sale is and sealant for use in all conditions and temperatures.