you need
  • - cable;
  • - wire, electrical tape, adhesive tape;
  • - coil or Babina.
If you need to pull up the small cable from the headphones or charging the phone, proceed as follows: Take the headphones (charger) in your right hand and hold their middle and ring finger.At the same time the index finger and little finger will be put in the form of "goats."Then, with his left hand, wrap the cord around the little finger, then around the index finger, around the back of the little finger, etc.Thus, eight wrap all the wire, leaving a small free end.Wrap the en
d of the wire, "waist" Eight several times and drag the tip across the loop gain.
for winding cable lengths (up to several meters), use your hand.Take the end of the cable to the right hand, then wrap the wire around the arm, hooking his arm (right arm should be bent at the elbow).Having circle perekin'te cable through the palm of his right hand, again through the elbow, etc.Tighten so that the cord when you reach the end, wrap the tip a few times around the coil, fixing design.
cable too long wound on his elbow rather uncomfortable, so use it for any improvised means, for example, use the legs of the chair overturned.It is much safer to be securing the folded cable if you use duct tape, electrical tape or wire, and you can control the unwinding of the cable without disturbing all the loops.
If you need to gently fold very long cables (up to 50 meters) so that it is not twisted, dump it on the ground or on the floor.Put a large oval of the entire cable, then move from one end of the cable, and then expand to 180ยบ, to get eight.Loop the one part to the other eight, and you get a circle of two layers.Repeat the steps with double wire.Thus, fold the cord.
If you decide to wind wire on a spool or Babin, carefully inspect it before winding.The reel should be no sharp corners, it should be streamlined, preferably round shaped, or creases appear on the cable and it can even be squashed by during storage.Wind the cable uniformly, avoiding too much tension and twisting.