you need
  • - photos;
  • - program Paint or Photoshop.
Depending on the subjects photos , come up with an inscription.If the pictures a lot, and they are not much different, just write the date and the age of the baby.For photos of large, beautifully decorated in the form of a collage, or with the original frame, add an inscription explaining the photo, for example, "My first year of life," "So there I am," "I was born on September 12, 2011", "our baby" andetc.Scene photos Provide specific signatures.Thus, the image of the child on the river with a fishing rod can be called "cool morning," a chee
rful baby to add "Smile!Everything will be fine!".To add humor to your photos, create funny captions."The whole day can not sleep all night do not eat - of course, very tired," "And if tomorrow the fight, and I'm tired ?!" - if there is no imagination, look on the websites of funny phrases and status.
If you are not well versed in computer programs, simply open Paint, which is on any computer ("Start / All Programs / Accessories").Left in the tools, select the letter "A".Appeared to move the cross to the place where you want to add a label, drag a box and write in the text.Top select the font, font size and fat content, and at the bottom - the color of the font.
to create more original and interesting design labels, use the Photoshop.Open the photo in the program and to the left on the toolbar, click the "T".Select a location on the photo and write the text.Top select the font, color, size, etc.Please note, in order to move the text, you will need to click on the toolbar icon (arrow with cross).If you want to tilt, enlarge text, click on the menu: Edit / Transform / Scale (pan or tilt).Change the text as desired, then press Enter.Complete design, creating a romantic aura by using the tool "Shadow" in the menu Layer / Layer Effects / Shadow.To become translucent text, change the setting at the bottom of "opaque" (percentage).
To add a label with special programs, photos must be in electronic form, so the paper photos scan.