Selecting an image will depend on the format of the future photo sessions.Who would you photograph?Your friend - a novice photographer with a semi-professional camera or a master of expensive studio photos?In the first case, as a rule, "music" is an order you: you can negotiate another shooting where you want and on your terms, and with the venerable photographer is likely to fail.He will choose for you the best way and place to shoot.But in the second case will be getting one hundred percent, but in the first image may turn out not too successful.

In any case, to select the image to check with your photographer.If he takes not the first time, certainly tells you something sensible.
Remember that images have always attracted.Perhaps you
have always liked some of the literary or film characters or actors.Maybe you've always wanted to try on someone else's image.Movies, magazines, and books can be a wonderful source of inspiration.
based on the characteristics of their appearance.Blue-eyed blonde, of course, no ban to be reincarnated as Gypsy, and a girl with an acidic hair color and multiple piercings - business woman, but how perfectly it will look?However, the photo shoot so good that allow us to see ourselves in a new light, so try to experiment with unexpected images.
Typically, a photographer asks the model to bring the costumes, props and decorations, so try to make a start on what you have.There is a beautiful vintage dress?It can be the basis of your image.And maybe somewhere stray suit with ethnic motifs and a few baubles of floss?You can try on the image of hippies.
If you come up with the image still does not work, try to consult with your friends and acquaintances.Perhaps one of them had long wanted to see you in any particular way.It is possible that you will learn about them and about myself a lot.

By the way, there are special photo-forums where people post their pictures and ask others to help select the image.Try to write at such forums.