Tip 1: How to make up your eyes in Photoshop

What you need and whether it is possible to tint eyes in Photoshop ?For example, you made a very good picture of the country.All of it is good, that's still to eyes tint.After the country you are unlikely to apply to the person your usual make-up.Well, the problem is easy to solve, having processed the photo in Photoshop .
Before you begin, make sure that you have the program installed for a virtual make-up brushes (shadows, eyeliner, eyelashes, etc.).If not, the Internet, you will find them in large quantities.
selected brush, download to your computer, unzip and install the program.To do this, click "Edit" go to the item "Preset Manager".Select the "Brush" - "load", enter the path to unpack the archive.Brushes have the extension * .abr.
Open the photo you wish to edit.It is advisable to immediately zoom in to make it easier to work with.
First apply on eye shadow.Create a new layer and select the brush color.It will be a shadow color (blue, gray, purple) that suits yo
u best.
For Brush, select the "shadow".Forms brushes vary in shape (at the top, bottom, top and bottom) and purpose (to the right or left eye ).
move cursor to the eye, and by pressing the keys ("left bracket" - reduction, "right bracket" - increase), pick up the brush size.
Click the left mouse button - the shade on the eyelid will rise.If they are not perfectly formed, use the "Free Transform.
similar work, creating a new layer, draw a second eye.
After shade imposed, go eyeliner.
Create a new layer, select the shape of the brush, set the color black.All further steps are similar to the previous step: adjust the size of the brush, apply eyeliner on the eye, trim the tool "Free Transform".
After working with one eye completed, go to drugoy.Teper need to shade the lower eyelid.It does not fit the rigid eyeliner, choose soft brush corresponding form.Color should not be saturated, better gray, brown, purple ....
Well, in the end - the imposition on eye lashes.Choose any shape, depending on how the spectacular, flashy you want to get a photo.The rest of the action is the same as in the previous steps.
distinctive feature of this step: eyelashes lie on the eye more accurately, because the shape of the eye individual.To do this, they bend in strict accordance with the shape of the century.For this mode, click on the Free Transform eyelashes right mouse button and select "dropped out" of the list - "Warp."With her help accurately adjust the cilia to age.
your eyes dyed.Now you can see the result in the normal scale.If the result is somewhat excessive or insufficient, adjust the desired item.Good luck!

Tip 2: How to make up in Photoshop

Imitation makeup, like so many other tasks performed by the editor Photoshop, can be done in several ways.Colored spots, creating the effect of makeup, superimposed on a photo using the ready-made brushes or tools drawn by staff of the graphical editor.
How to make up in Photoshop
you need
  • - program Photoshop;
  • - file with a set of brushes for make-up;
  • - picture.
makeup done with tools Photoshop, it looks much more natural to high-quality images with a high degree of detail.Before you begin, you should remove the noise from a photo mask and skin blemishes.To do this, download the photos to the program Ctrl + O keys and create a copy of it on a new layer combination Ctrl + J.
To apply noise reduction option Reduce Noise («Reduce noise") of Noise («noise») menu Filter («Filter").Minor defects can be removed from the skin tool Healing Brush («Healing Brush").Press the Shift + Ctrl + N to insert a layer of paper, which will be the results of this instrument, and activate the option Sample all layers («Sample All Layers") in the settings Healing Brush.
to carefully applied make-up was not lost on the background of reddened skin, adjust the color corrective layer, which creates the option Selective Color («Selective color") of New Adjustment Layer («New Installation layer") Layer menu("layer").By default, the filter opens to adjust the color red.Reduce the amount of black in the color range, vj; yj sliding left knob Black («Black").
Apply eyelash tint and shade in the picture, you can use a set of makeup brushes ready.Such kits are found on Internet resources devoted to the program Photoshop and graphic design.After downloading the file extension abr, turn the tool Brush («Brush") and click on the button in the top right corner of the Brushes palette.Select the menu option Load Brushes («Download brush") to load new brushes to the program.
Insert the transparent layer to a file and select the palette of brushes suitable sample from the newly loaded set.Make basic color, through which you are going to simulate shadows.Clicking the brush on a new layer, create a print.The options group Transform («transformation») menu Edit («Editing") adjust the trace left by a brush size photos.Move can print using the tool Move Tool («Move Tool").
The set of brushes to simulate shadows, as a rule, there are options for the left and right eyes.You can simply copy the generated fingerprint and flip it horizontally option Flip Horizontal («Flip horizontally") group Transform, slide to the other eye.
Rouge imposed a similar manner.Change the blending mode of shadows on Linear Burn («Linear dimmer"), and reduce the opacity of the layer to obtain a realistic result.For blush suitable mode Soft Light («Soft light").Layer color imitating lipstick, may be applied in the same mode or Multiply («Multiplication").In the latter case, reduce its opacity to twenty or thirty percent.
If you can not find a suitable brush, select the normal round brush and apply the shadow with the help of a new layer.Extra portions can remove the tool Eraser («Eraser").
to select color eyelashes brush lashes, create print black on a new layer and place it on the photos in Multiply.Perhaps to adjust the brush tip to the picture you will need to deform option Warp («distortion») group Transform.
Eyelashes can make up with a tool Freeform Pen («Feather freeform").Draw the tool operating mode Paths («Contours"), a series of curved lines that coincide in form with the eyelashes in the picture.The role of mascara stroke play, for which you need to create another layer.
returning to the tool Brush, select a brush and a circular shape with a diameter of half the thickness of the stroke created.Typically, only two or trehpikselnoy brush.Turning to the palette Paths, click on the contour of the eyelashes and choose Stroke Path («Stroke Path").In the Tool («Tools") to find tools Brush.To the ends of her painted lashes appeared thinner middle, enable Simulate Pressure («Simulate pressing").
Applying the option Save As («Save as") menu File («File"), save the picture.If you are going to change the color of lipstick or shadows, choose to save the format psd.
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Helpful Hint
Every action is performed on a new layer.The layers should be created, not to duplicate.This makes it easy to correct the shape of the element from the tool "eraser".Furthermore, changing the blending modes, various effects can be obtained for the individual components of makeup.And changing the opacity of the layer to reduce the effect of operations performed.
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