Old photos - is the fragile memory of family history, so their conservation is some effort.For example, buy a special photo album suitable design (or design it yourself), to come up with a beautiful, heartfelt name and store all valuable photos in it, eventually adding a photo album of his sketches zhizni.Nazvanie for this album to be very accurate, resembling a motto orfamily creed or reflects its main idea of ​​the perception of the world.
If you do not have time to work directly for the album name, you can use ready-made options.To do this, you can use any reference book of aphorisms.Open it on the concept - for example, "honor", "dignity", "pride", "love" and select statement proverb or saying that you have on dushe.Esche one simple way is to choose among t
he winged Latin phrases.They can be found in special dictionaries or printed on various online resources.If the search is on the Internet, carefully check the accuracy of the translation of expression - there are cases of incorrect interpretations.
If a family has a favorite classical writers, as the name you can borrow any of his quotes.Many of the works of great poets and writers are almost ready collection of beautiful, well-aimed phrases and jokes.Especially popular in this respect, ASPushkin, MYLermontov, ASGriboyedov, APChekhov.
most original option, will certainly be the creation of an independent name.To do this we must first understand what the quality of long generations of the family were the most worthy and try to express it in the form of a short slogan-instruction.For example: "Honesty and love - the most faithful way of life," "Let the past meets the future", "Remember your story" and t.d.Nazvanie can write by hand, if there is a photo album for this special field, or be in the formappliques made of paper, cloth or chamois.