you need
  • - photos;
  • - a program for creating mosaics.
Think of an idea for your photomosaic.If you make a gift, you can think of something to do with the profession or hobby person.Or maybe you want to do photomosaic of your vacation photos to it all year reminded of the journey.Select a base photo.To her demands are simple.It should be clear (the contrast can be increased in the visual editor).If this image of a man, it is better to portrait was not a million pieces in the background.In the end, the background can be cut.
Collect all possible and appropriate photos.Suitable - then they should be the same position (horizontal or vertical), or about the same size with the same aspect ratio.If not enough pictures dialed suitable shape, it can be cut such that there are - in vertical, horizontal turn, and vice versa.
The more photos the better.It must be not less than five hundred images.
is not necessary that the photos were a good resolution, size, and image quality is not important here.To effectively looking photo mosaic will be sufficient to each item in print no more than 3 cm in size.
Try to exclude the same pictures, they could be next door to each other.It will be evident.
On the Internet, there are many applications for the production of photo mosaic.Download any of them.Load the tabs the base image and photo designer.
Modern programs have a lot of settings, you can upload photos of an entire directory and immediately adjust to the size you want, write it in the program settings.Also available is a choice of the background image, which will cover the spaces between pictures;the size of these gaps;You can choose the form of images, etc.
Generate photomosaic .Often, the process of generating a long time, depending on the size of the mosaic.Your artwork is ready.