Comics - a story told in pictures.It is necessary to define the essence of the photo-story.What will it be?The history of your many years of love, or the story of a walk?Old photographs of static poses and smiles at the camera will not fit.Needed staged photo.

example, a love story, "How we found each other."Prescription of meeting does not matter.Remember what it was that day, what you were wearing, etc.Select a location, prepare the necessary attributes and take a few shots in the film strip: here it sees you, you're going to meet, takes the hand, etc.

can also "reshoot" story of the birth of the child, even if the child is an adult: the frame of the meeting, the kiss frame, the frame of pregnancy (use the consignment of animals and other pad.), And the last frame - your family threesome.

To make the comics of the photographs, you will need a graphics editor Paint or any photo editor for.With the editor, you can make pictures to draw.

editor Picassa 3, for example, there is even a photo filter "comics."You can also try a variety of effects using sites for processing photos online.If you wish to leave the photo unchanged.

final stage of creating the comic book of the photos will be drawing phrases and thoughts.Open the photo you want using Paint.Reduce the size by clicking on the "Change the size - the pixels - the desired value."

As comic consists of multiple frames on a page, you need to stretch the sheet for more pictures.Drag the mouse over the lower right corner and increase white sheet.


Table "Figures", select the cloud with the figure for the area of ​​thoughts heroes pictures or oval area for phrases.Make a solid fill or oval white clouds by the right of the table of figures the "Fill - solid color."

Turn the corner to the right can be a hero by using the "Turn - display horizontally."Write in the cloud any suitable within the meaning of the phrase using the "Insert text" (the button in the form of a black letter A).


«Ozvuchte" so all the pictures, number the sheets and comics from photos ready!As an album, use the folder multiforami, graced the cover at its discretion.