These rules will help to make successful pictures:

* Try not to strain.
natural - a pledge of good photos.Relax your face, otherwise the picture will look like it "plaster".Do not under execution are you standing in the end?Imagine that it is a very pleasant experience, which will be captured after a brief moment of your life.This is interesting, fun and at the same time it is important because it is a moment no longer be repeated.

* Correct perspective will look better.
Learn proportions of the figure and facial features to hide the not entirely harmonious lines and show all the best.In the end, the photo will reflect only your outer shell, which changes daily, depending on the mood.

facial features can be hidden as follows:
- round face looks better, if you turn your head slightly to the profile;
- do not choose the view "from the front" man with protruding ears;
- picture "in profile" does not adorn a model with a long nose, with the same feature is not necessary to be photographed with drooping chin;
- at the photos in a full-length view below will make legs longer and wider than the hips.Photos from top to make volumetric head and shoulders;
- double chin will not be visible if you sit polubokom photography and will look into the lens;
- deep nasolabial folds provide shade, so you need very good lighting from both sides.Women can whiten these folds is very bright and tonic, and then in the photo can not be seen;
- do not take the hair back if you have a broad face - even if they are free and cover part of the face.Do not parted;
- if the person is small, it is better to open, removing back hair and bangs combed to the side;
- close people better photographed from large objects such as a tree with a thick trunk, etc .;
- tall and lean looks better in motion, rather than "standing at attention" that did not compare with Uncle waste;
- skinny runt better photographed around the bush, if they want to look bigger.

* Lighting can play with a man bad joke.
too dark shadows on the face to make the face tired in the photo you will look much older.Ideal lighting when the light sources are arranged on different sides, but this is only possible in the studio.In amateur photography should try to avoid too harsh lighting from the side and from above - just shadows can distort the face.From experience, the best time for outdoor shooting - evening.

* smile - the best way out of situations.It will save any
not a very good shot, because the picture carries your energy with a positive charge, which attracts people the most.

* Photography - is the work of two people: the photographer and the photographed.Try to make this perspective what he advises, even if he is not a professional.Just from the dignity of a person are seen better.

* pretty pose a lesson.On the Internet, the mass of pictures, where you can find a good posture ordinary people.The poses of models, by the way, in the conventional picture is not entirely appropriate, and often looks simply indecent.

* Do not worry if the photos did not turn the way you have planned it.According to adults, when they look at their worst photo of a decade ago, they really like them.Small defects can be removed with the help of Photoshop, now do almost all photographers.And remember that each person is unique, even if not quite photogenic.

* If that does not work - go to a professional photo shoot.Usually these people are very well open and find yourself on the other, the best hand.