you need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop
Turn on the toolbar to work with the font s.Their two - "Symbol" and "Settings".Both of them are opened by selecting the name of the corresponding panel in the "Window" menu of the editor.The panel "Options" - is a narrow horizontal strip, which is usually placed under the menu editor.She placed a limited number of settings, text, and for more subtle manipulations font s panel is "symbol".Include one of them or both.
How to change
From the drop-down list that font (Ā«headset"), you want to use for future inscriptions, and in the next (right) select the box one of the provided in this font e Typefaces (normal, bold, italic, and the combination of the three).The list contains all the headsets font s that are installed on your computer.To replenish it, it is sufficient to install a new font usual manner for your operating system.
Set the desired font size well ("font").It is not necessary to choose from a list of available values, you can enter in the box the number you want, if it is not on the list.
How to change
Set the color for future inscriptions - click on the colored rectangle (in the panel "Symbol" next to it there is an inscription "Color") opens a dialog to select the desired color.
Then you can start typing a headset to your specifications.If you type the inscription might need to change the font any single letter or part of the text - select the letter or group of letters, and use the same methods the changes that are described in the previous steps.
After entering text, you can also change any of the parameters font well.To change that you make apply to all the text, the entire label can be identified, but it is best to click on the toolbar any icon - for example, the very first ("Move").So you leave the text input mode, but the layer with the inscription will remain active and available to perform various manipulations, including changes in the parameters of the mark.
Make any adjustments to the font finished writing, as described in the first steps, or use additional tools panel "symbol."They allow, for example, to change the proportions of the letters, enter the desired width and height in percent.Or change the spacing between letters (tracking and kerning).
How to change
used to transform font and finished writing instruments, the thumbnails are placed in the bottom of the "Symbol".They allow you to do the letter writing (from left to right):
- fat;
- inclined;
- in capital;
- in capital while maintaining the size of uppercase (capitals);
- superscript;
- subscript;
- underlined;
- strikeout.
How to change