you need
  • - a personal computer;
  • - program "Photoshop".
Photohop Open the photo editing you have gathered.This photo will be available in the first layer.
Copy photo in a new layer.To do this, go to the menu by selecting the tab "Layers" and select "New", and then go to the "Copy to a new layer."All of these manipulations can be replaced by pressing the key combination «Ctrl + J».All changes are made solely on the new - the second layer.
See the menu and go to the "Filter", select "Blur."Narrow your choice by specifying "Gaussian Blur."The intensity of the blur is governed by only
one parameter (to specify it should be a choice: that is, to choose the value of the index, in which, in your opinion, would be an ideal blur).
On the blurred layer, add a mask and start the 'film development' photos.To do this, go to "layer" and select "Layer Mask", specified as the "show all".Although after the last action on the image will not change anything right near the new layer must appear little white rectangle.
Go to the toolbar and use the tool "brush".But before you use the "brush", set the parameters of the instrument.Set the optimum value (range 20-40 percent), "brush".Remember that the higher the set parameter, the rougher is the transition between the sharp and blurred picture elements.
Open the second layer and brush it paint the human figure depicted in the photo.Then connect the layers and enjoy the photos received.