you need
  • - a piece of cloth;
  • - graph paper;
  • - line;
  • - gon;
  • - nylon mesh;
  • - pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needle;
  • - thread in the color of the fabric.
calculate the approximate size of a bow.If you intend to use the remnants of cloth, believing that you can carve out a broad rectangle 2 identical to the actual bow, 2 strips narrower and authenticity to all square and about 2 times smaller than the width of basic rectangles node.Do not forget to include 1 cm seam allowance.
better to plot the details on paper.Draw them in line and carefully observe the perpendicular sides.Cut out the parts and draw them to the fabric.Expanding them better so as to coincide with lobar thread len
gth parts.If the fabric is in a cage or in a strip, check the compatibility of the drawing.
Manufacturing bow.Baste a grid to the wrong side of the fabric close to the edge.Fold the fabric across the face, Sew long slices, leaving the middle open section 10 cm for the "lightning."Place seam in the middle, razutyuzhte allowances.Sew short cuts.Cut off corners, remove the bow on the front side through nezashity seam priutyuzhte.Sew the opening portion a hidden seam.
Put a nylon mesh near 2 rectangles intended for the very bow, face up.They have to lie down, touching the long slices.Baste a grid to the outer edges of the two rectangles and their short cut.Fold the parts facing each other.Stitch long sections, leaving one of them a hole in the middle.Its length should be about half the size of the cut.
Spread stitched detail so long seam lying strictly in the middle.Razutyuzhte allowances.Progladte bow.Sew short cuts.Corners cut away the fabric in these places is not bristled.Turn the product on the front side through the hole.Allowances priutyuzhte holes on the wrong side.Sew the hole a hidden seam.
make ends bow.Fold one of the strips in half equity, face inside.Sew the long cut.Place the strip so that the seam appeared in the middle.Razutyuzhte allowances.Think about how you place the lower end of a bow.You can simply cut short Stitch and turn the item on the front side.It can be in the middle of the bottom seam to make the top corner, but the story of her 2 oblique line to the smoothed side.In this case, defer the corner, cut the excess fabric, and then remove the strip on the front side.Just take a second end of the bow.
Square, designed for assembly, fold in half face inward.Sew the long cut.Lay the knot in the same way as you did with the other parts.Razutyuzhte allowances.Remove the assembly and priutyuzhte middle of the sides.
Bow prisborte.Stitch across the middle of its 2 times the maximum setting on the machine stitch length.Pull the thread ends and secure them.
Mid prisborennoe bow wrap strips that you have done for the node.Spread the assembly that it has closed the line.On the back side of the bow sections tuck node.Sew them seam "over the edge".A few invisible stitches attach the node to the Bantu.Particular attention to the edge of the site, you can make a few stitches on each side.
End bow fold in half lengthwise.Baste open cut.Do the same with the second strip.Little is gathered sections.Fix the upper edge between a few stitches to strip turned at an angle.Both parts baste to the back of a bow and sew.Ensure that the upper edges are at the same level as the edge node.