you need
  • - Beads;
  • - clasps for earrings;
  • --thread basis;
  • - Scissors;
  • - Driving product.
Pick beads of different sizes and colors.Various beaded earrings will create a volume that will be different interesting texture and execution.
How to make earrings out of beads
Prepare-thread basis for earrings.Buy a scaffold or a special thread for beading need to advance.The basis must be flexible and strong at the same time.In addition, preliminary costs to prepare and fasteners for earrings.They can be purchased at hardware store or borrow from the shackles that have "outlived" its.
How to make earrings out of beads
Select scheme for future product.It can be both schemes, downloaded from the Internet or taken from printed materials and schemes that needlewoman invented myself.Options earrings beaded great multitude, a
nd any needlewoman able to choose for themselves the perfect product.Any scheme typically comprises so-called "arrows", which indicate the direction of the fishing line and threading it through the beads.So do not be afraid to experiment.Picking up an interesting scheme, you need to read the comments to her and get to work, according to the above sequence.
How to make earrings out of beads
Create the bulk of earrings.Major issues arise many needlewomen about the basics of weaving - "kulonchiki" or "suspension".Foundation to be manufactured in accordance with the selected scheme.After the pattern is ready, it is necessary to fix both ends of the thread threading into one bead.It is better to fix the thread tightly to earrings are not broken up and lost shape, and beads are not sagged based.
How to make earrings out of beads
Attach the drawing to the castle of earrings.The final stage is to create a loop in which you want to pass a fixation on earrings.The unit is also prolonged as possible tighter.The free ends of fishing lines are cut so that the scaffold is not visible.
How to make earrings out of beads